Atomy Home Spa Evening Care 4 Set

Kiosk-4 set

4 set Poster-Legal

There is a saying in Korea. Makeup… Cleansing is more important than putting on makeup… why? Because once you hit 20, slowly your skin metabolism is going downhill. Your skin cell turnover cycle slows down as well. If you don’t clean your face in structure, soon it will be as if fallen leaves keep layering over your skin without sweeping them off. With such a blockage, there is no way for good stuff to be able to get through. There can be a variant way of how to use this 4 set according to your skin type but the main formation is about the same for all the skin types:

1st step: Deep Cleanser; contains tons of Beta carotine, tocopherol, red-ginseng, gingko, etc. – For every single of you, “double-wash” is significantly important especially if you have a problematic or sensitive skin. Here “double-wash” means, Oil based wash; deep cleanser and water based wash; foam cleanser. This deep cleanser is for oil-based wash. Nowadays, due to pollution, fine dust is all over your town and city. Once they settle in your pores, it’s really hard to get rid of. Also they are mostly oil-based just like makeup. Oil dissolves oil. That is why it is very important to rub your face gently in circular motion with this deep cleanser for a while. If you have an oily and/or breakout, acne skin, at least 7-8 minute of massage with this deep cleanser every night, whether you wear a makeup that day or not, is strongly recommended in order to dissolve sebum. Then gently wipe or soak up oil from your skin with a piece of Kleenex.

2nd step: Foam Cleanser; contains rice extract for moisturizing more effectively and also kills demodex – wet your face and hands. Squeeze a half inch of foam cleanser in your palm and rub your hands together to make plenty of foams first. Then rub your face with hands gently in circular motion as well. Then rinse throughly especially around your hairline, facial line and nose. Do this one more time. If you don’t do peeling gel and/or peel off mask pack after this, do not dry your skin completely. Just soak up excessive water around your ear & facial line and hair. Put on Toner at least 3 times. Wait until Toner is soaked in for next step.

3rd step: Peeling Gel; contains willow bark extract to be naturally antibacterial to be safe after removing dead skin cells – After drying your face, put on peeling gel then just spread it all around your face. Do not rub yet! Wait for about 3-4 mins. At first, if you have dry skin, just do it once a week. If you have oily skin, twice a week is recommended. If your skin can handle it well, then you can increase the number of applications a week. After 3-4 mins, gently yet thoroughly rub all over your face for a couple of minutes. Alway try out from the chin to see if anything starts forming. If yes, then you are ready to rub. After you are done, you “MUST” rinse with “WATER” until the slippery feeling is gone from your skin. Do not dry your skin completely. Just soak up excessive water around your ear & facial line and hair. Put on Toner at least 3 times. Wait until Toner is soaked in for next step.

4th step: Peel Off Mask Pack; contains Amethyst and Jade powder for more effective lifting and facial blood circulation – After Foam Cleanser or Peeling gel, Toner and Essence, apply this all over your face, including your neck if you want to remove neck wrinkles. This dissolves in water after you take it off because it does not contain rubber like substance in any form so it is safe to wear overnight. Also that way you can benefit the most. “IF” your husband or boyfriend is ok with a white masked ghost lying next to him~ 🙂 If you have a sensitive skin or breakout skin, at first, just wear for about an hour. If your skin can handle it, you can increase the time then. After you take it off, you can finish up the rest of your skin treatment routine as usual.

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