Atomy Mexico Black Chia Seeds

Product Image-Chia Seeds

Great source for protein, fiber, antioxidants and omega 3! We only provide the best quality chia seed which is black chia seed from Mexico that Aztec and Mayan warriors used to take. Be a warrior yourself as well by taking Atomy Black Chia Seeds daily! You can mix it with rice, drink or any type of dishes.

Chia means “strength”:

  • 5 times more calcium than milk
  • 3 times more antioxidants than blueberry
  • 3 times more iron than spinach
  • twice more fiber than oat
  • twice more potassium than banana

Chia seeds are good for:

  • diet because it can soak up 9-12 times more water than its volume
  • joint pain
  • skin health
  • lung health
  • increasing muscle mass
  • regenerating tissues
  • releasing water and toxins
  • mood swing
  • decreasing cellulite
  • increasing metabolism
  • burning fats

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