[Testimonials] ATOMY 4 min Immune Booster HemoHIM



  • Does wonders for my body! Haven’t been sick since taking this!
    February 7, 2017

I got introduced to these by my mom 2 yrs ago not knowing anything about it. I didn’t think it would do anything but I took it randomly so I don’t waste something my mom gave me. I knew they were expensive. Well, this ended up changing my life and I’m a believer now!! To give you brief history, I’ve always had very weak immune system since I was little. I was guaranteed to catch anything 2-3 times a year my whole life. If anyone had a cold, I’d get one for sure. If I traveled, I was guaranteed to get sick afterwards. I even was disabled for a few years when I turned 30 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is a immune system dysfunction. I’ve recovered mostly from that over the years. But my immune system has always been weak. 2 years prior to taking this I noticed my colds/flus were getting more severe and lasting longer each time I got it. My coughs were lasting 3 months! Then I came across this. You’re supposed to take it 2 times a day. I only took 1 a day randomly so wasn’t even every day. I would remember to take one for a few days then forget for a few. Sometimes only 1 a week, etc… So this one month worth my mom gave me lasted nearly 5 months or so. I noticed nothing in terms of energy or anything I didn’t think anything of it. Well, that was the first winter I actually didn’t get a cold and I realized it. So I continued to buy it after and only took randomly. I haven’t caught a cold or flu in the last 2 years which is a miracle for me!!! I don’t know what all it does but I know for sure it helps my immune system when I don’t even take it every day. We just had a huge flue epidemic in Seattle area where everyone I knew had been extremely ill with the flu including my own husband who rarely gets sick.
All my friends and neighbors have been sick. I still haven’t gotten sick yet. Sometimes I may wake up with a sore throat or feeling of coming down with something, Then I increase my dose. Or I have to fly, I increase my dose temporarily. Even then my one month supply usually lasts me 5 months or so. It still helps me!!! So I’m taking this for the rest of my life. I’m a believer. If you’re generally healthy you probably won’t notice anything and think it’s doing nothing. But let me tell you. It does wonders for me even at a low random doses. I’m thankful my mom got me on this!

  • Definitely Ordering This Again!
    October 25, 2016

I bought this for my grandmother because she had heard about this product from a friend. She tried it and she loved it. After a few weeks, she said she notice a huge change in herself. She was more focus and had more energy to do activities. Last night she asked me to order her some more as well as for my grandfather. She got him drinking this stuff too haha. I guess it must be pretty good.
Well grams, you got it! Just order a three more packages of this. Don’t think I would personally buy this for myself. The smell alone makes me uninterested, but my grandparents must like it a lot to ask me to order this for them again.

  • I work a great deal often 60 to 70 hours a week
    September 12, 2016

I work a great deal often 60 to 70 hours a week. It has done wonders for me . l am no longer drained with no energy at the end of a double shift.

  • Seriously amazing!!!!!
    August 24, 2017

Seriously amazing product. my mother in law has cancer, and we gave her this procut, within 2 days she was eating (she hadn’t eaten in 6 days) and was up and walking! it’s a great energy boost!

  • My mom loves this product. She’s recently been diagnosed …
    April 10, 2018

My mom loves this product. She’s recently been diagnosed with arthritis, and she says that this helps her with reducing pain, inflammation, and fatigue.

  • Brought my hemoglobin up quick!
    on January 14, 2018

My hemoglobin was at a 7 after one packet went to a 10.1 then I took another packet it’s at 13. This stuff works and it works quick I went from 10.1 to a 13 in one day. Great stuff!!

  • Like all of us we had our doubts
    on July 24, 2018

Like all of us we had our doubts. I had my naturopathic doctor look at this product and he tested it and got all excited. Now his cancer patients are rushing to buy this product. Finally an answer to people suffering with high blood pressure, weight, fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, asthma, allergies. I did some digging and found out why it works, it brings up your immune system and is able to fight all kinds of problems even blood related disease. I am now a firm believer and take it 2x a day now for the past 5 weeks. This is the most amazing natural product I have EVER come across hands down. Looking at the company mantra it makes sense they want to “help” mankind and heal us wow!

  • my asthma got better. I mean
    on March 31, 2015

It’s now sold in Canada as NHP(Natural Health Product) for a lot less price now and I don’t need to order from Amazon anymore. I used to be a life-long asthma patient who spent at least a month in the hospital for my severity. After around 2 weeks of taking 4 a day, my asthma got better. I mean, the phlegms just kept coming out(it was gross!) I don’t go to my doc anymore. I recommended to my friend who suffered from high blood sugar/pressure and he got better, too. I drink this when I have to go for a long haul without much sleep because it gives me energy and I am usually the only person in my unit who skipped the flu. I realize strengthening your body on a cell level means to increase the capacity to be better and do more. This product surely does that. But sadly, I order from the company directly for much less price, not here anymore.

  • My two cents…
    on May 15, 2014

Natural herbs will naturally accumulate “heavy metals” from soil, and thus cancer patients are advised to stay away from such natural remedies.
However, because Hemohim is intentionally modified for purification purposes, it is considered safe enough for even a cancer patient to intake. (The same company makes a cosmetics line which also leverages this technology, where I’ve seen amazing results.) I heard that the Korea Atomic Energy Research institute kind of stumbled upon this technology, and they are commercializing it by spinning this off to a company called “Atomy”.

My mom had a cyst in her womb that the doctor wanted to continue to observe, but she religiously took Hemohim and at her next doctor’s visit, the doctor was surprised to see the cyst had significantly reduced in size and asked her what happened. She now is an avid believer in this product, and she has me converted as well =)

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