[Testimonials] ATOMY Herbal Deep Cleanser Massage and Makeup Remover Cream

Kiosk-4 set


  • Good combination!
    July 6, 2018

Atomy deep cleanser + facial soap= Perfect results!
A Friend of mine introduced us this product. I bought the ATOMY EVENING KIT. I got tired using all of the product , I stopped! Until one day , i noticed that my face is getting so dry using my ordinary face soap itself. And I remember that one of the product in the kit makes my face feel like i have lotion on. So i decided to use the deep cleanser + my ordinary facial soap and I’m so happy with the results! I already used 2 bottles of this product , since my friend haven’t got my order yet, i decided to get my third bottle from Amazon. Hopefully it has the same quality .

  • The best face cleanser on the market
    February 20, 2018

The best face cleanser on the market. It last for ages because you only have to use a very small, pea size amount and it lathers up. Willnot use anything else. Excellent price and delivery. Love it.

  • How to properly use the Atomy Evening Care Deep Cleanser..its awesome!
    on February 11, 2017

Peace. Please keep in mind the Deep Cleanser is a FIRST step part of ATOMY EVENING CARE facial spa. There are four different products for the ATOMY EVENIG CARE. This particular product is used to remove make up and sebum from your pores. Thus the lotion consistency or texture. After you rinse with warm water you follow it with the peeling gel that gently exfoliates removing dead skin from the face followed by the foam cleanser. The foam cleanser is an actual face cleanser as opposed to a makeup remover and impurities. The final step is the peel mask and it is awesome and gives a nice deep cleaning of pores that simply is peeled off the face.
I love this product and especially when you follow it through with the peeling gel, it is so amazing! You must use the product properly to reap the benefits. Hardly worth buying this on its own unless you are just replenishing your collection.

  • Smoother face
    on September 3, 2015

My skin is pretty sensitive and prone to breakouts but I haven’t had any issue with this product. Just in case some people don’t know, you’re meant to back it up with a cleanser. This cleanser is like a lotion and feels slightly oily when you rub it into your skin. You have to massage your face with it for about 2 mins then wipe it off with a tissue. Afterwords, you cleanse your face with a foam wash or whatever soap you normally use on your face. It’s sort of a pre-cleanser to get dirt and makeup out of your pores. When I wiped my face off with a tissue I couldn’t believe all the dirt that was still on it even though I wiped my face with a facial tissue beforehand!! I feel like it really helped my skin feel smoother and cleaner. I’d recommend getting the atomy evening care foam cleanser with it since I have that too and I feel it works really well but it’s certainly not necessary

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