[Testimonials] ATOMY Herbal Shampoo

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  • Best shampoo for making your hair feel lighter
    March 13, 2018

This shampoo is expensive compared to the shampoos in the stores. However, there is no other shampoo that will take off all the build up in my hair like it. It makes my hair lighter and silkier, the way it used to be when I was younger. I was considering getting a haircut because of how unmanageable and unpleasant my hair was and then I remembered this shampoo and now I’ll keep it long 🙂

My brother, on the other hand, does not like this shampoo. It makes his hair wavy he says. I think it’s because it makes your hair not so heavy.

The smell is a strange herb smell, but oh well.

  • Very happy with this product.
    on August 31, 2016

I was not real sure about the fragrance at first, but it does grow on you. It seemed like it did not lather much, but for my hair, two solid pumps is what it took to get a lather. This, along with the herbal conditioner from Atomy, leaves my hair tangle-free and bouncy. Very pleased!

    on July 14, 2016

The most amazing shampoo & conditioner I’ve ever used. Left my hair feeling full, shiny, and soft. It smells incredible as well!

  • I love this shampoo
    on May 21, 2018

I love this shampoo. I was introduced to it through a friend. You don’t use slot 1 or two pumps, lather in your hand and apply to wet hair. Leaves my hair super clean. I have had it for over two months and still have about 1/2 of the bottle left, and I was my hair almost everyday. I use it along with the hair treatment conditioner. My hair is shiny and bouncy and I receive a lot of compliments.

  • Atomy shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever used
    on January 15, 2017

Received the shampoo and conditioner as a Christmas gift from my sister and brother in law – I had never heard of the product line before. After first use I am forever sold!! Atomy shampoo and conditioner is the best I have ever used. I have very thick, naturally wavy to curly hair and typically need a ton of product to make my hair manageable in addition to using a seperate product to give my hair a nice sheen. I had no need to use any styling or sheen products after using Atomy shampoo and conditioner. I hope Atomy never changes their formula. Great product!

  • Instant Amazing Difference!
    on December 19, 2015

Just WOW!
My stylist turned me on to this Atomy shampoo & conditioner. From first use I was in love.
Hair was soft, shiny, had great slip..and that was when wet.
Tangle free drying left zero frizz. My hair styled so easily with so much body & shine, had bounce & looked so healthy. Natural highlights in my color treated hair…amazing!
I used to use Wen, but no more. This beats Wen hands down.
I cant stop touching & looking at my hair! Smells good & is good for my hair, which is important to me.
I had 3 different people mention how great my hair looked the first time I tried it.
You use a very small amount at a time, which is perfectly measured out for you by the pump. The pump itself is neat…its shaped like a leaf. This large bottle will last for quite awhile.
This is such a keeper!

  • Beyond Belief!
    on October 28, 2014

This shampoo and the accompanying conditioner were first sold to me by an acupuncturist who specializes in reversing hair loss. They remove pore-clogging dirt and oil on your scalp that contributes to hair loss. These products are amazing! I can’t say enough good things about them. They leave my hair so silky and healthy. The shampoo alone removes all tangles but I use the conditioner, too. They are pricey, of course, but they last a long time. As long as I can keep getting this shampoo and conditioner. I will never use anything else.

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