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So are you here because you want to know more about Atomy? Products? Business? Whatever that is, we’re here to answer.

“ATOMY = Atom + Beauty ()” started in South Korea by a wonderful Mr, CEO Han Gil Park in 2009. As you can see from the company name, ATOMY is related to Atomic Energy Scientists. Atomy’s flagship item is HemoHIM which was developed by them to mainly help themselves be free from various cancers at the time of development.

Atomy’s vision is to be your Consumerator (Consumer Curator); we always globally look for best quality products, negotiate for lowest possible prices with the manufacturers and offer them to you through our Online Shopping Mall. Our GSGS (Global Sourcing Global Sales) strategy connects the whole world and unites them into one giant community for mutual benefits and goodness.

Welcome to ATOMY! If you want to learn more about Atomy,  just let us know. We’re more than happy to help you be part of GLOBAL ATOMY COMMUNITY. Thank you~

Whatever you wonder about Atomy… products, business… we're here to answer

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